Ohori-soma teacup set

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First Ohori-soma ware was crafted

Firstly, listen to the cleaning sounds of kan-nyu (cracking on the surface, it occurs due to the difference in shrinkage between the body and the glaze. It doesn’t cause leaking.)

Handcrafted in Fukushima, Ohori-soma wares are famous for beautiful icy blue glaze and double-wall structure.

As it has developed in the town of Samurai, the horse depicted is “left-looking horse”, meaning ”nothing on your right (the winning one)” and has been a lucky charm.

It comes with a beautiful paulownia box.

Size: φ7cm × H9cm / φ7.5cm × H9.5cm

Material: Ceramic from locally collected clay

NOT microwave safe, dishwasher SAFE

Additional information

Weight 560 g
Dimensions 190 x 120 x 95 mm

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