Iwatetsu iron figure / rugby ball

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Cast iron cookware boosts iron content from cooking

Iwatetsu iron figure is a long-seller that you can intake iron by simply boiling it in a pot or kettle. According to Iwatetsu, an established cast iron manufacturer from Iwate, that when you boil the figure in 1 litre of water, 0.042 mg of iron elutes. With boiling for 5 minutes, 0.069 mg of iron comes to elute.

To avoid rusting, use a dry cloth to completely remove water after you use.

However, we keep the figure in the kettle (We empty the water and let it dry naturally). It rusts as you imagine, but after a while, an oxide coating on the surface will be formed and won’t rust furthermore. According to craftsmen, rust is harmless to the body (We don’t know if there is a scientific basis. It’s up to you to believe or not!)

Other applications

– The colour of eggplant becomes brighter when boiling together.

– When boiled with black beans, black beans become glossy.

– The colour of vegetables becomes brighter when pickling together.

– For sand removal of shellfish such as clams and clams.

– Flowers will last longer when placed in a vase.


Reference: Does cooking with cast iron pots and pans add iron to our food?

Material: Cast Iron (100% pure iron)

Size: φ6cm × D3.5cm

Oven safe, Induction cooktop compatible

Additional information

Weight 240 g
Dimensions 60 x 60 x 35 mm

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