Incense assortment / vermillion

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19 sticks comes with incense stand.

Sakai-town 101

A scent at the front gate of Nishi-honganji temple the scent of Kungyokudo.

Roses in Kitayama

A fragrance of beautiful flowers and vibrant leaves holding morning dew in petals.

Cosmos in Ohara

A pale sweet scent reminiscent of the cosmos spreading over the field, under the clear autumn sky.

Red plum in Kitano

A virtuous fragrance reminiscent of red plum blossoming in light snow.

Cherry Blossoms in Daigo

A freshly lovely scent formulated based on sandalwood and cherry blossom skin.

Maiko in Gion

Sweet scent inspired by a wetting powder of Maiko drifting on the sleeve that fell.

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