Doa-rin / Butterfly

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1/f fluctuation

The sound of Yamaguchi Kyujo’s orin, which induces alpha brain waves that generate a feeling of comfort

An orin is a Buddhist bowl that is rung when reading sutras.

Buddhist altars at home also usually feature an orin.

In Japan, its sound has been used from olden times to purify places by exorcising evil spirits.

The sound of Yamaguchi Kyujo’s orin is measured at “1/f fluctuation” which induces alpha brain waves that generate a feeling of comfort.

Analysis by Japan Acoustic Lab has shown that there is a healing effect in this special sound. (Source)

When you and your guests enter the room, you will hear a gentle and refreshing sound.

Place Doa-rin to restore blance and peace of mind.

Material: Copper alloy / Brass / Aluminum / Magnet (for easy installation)

Sounds of Doa-rin

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Dimensions 50 x 30 x 105 mm