Chrysanthemum charcoal / wado 10kg box

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10 years

Training time required to earn the title of qualified charcoal artisan

Create your own zen garden in your home with tea ceremony grade artisanal charcoal, kiku-zumi. Kiku-zumi (chrysanthemum-shaped Japanese charcoals) has a long history in Japanese tea ceremony and the life of people. Not only used for tea ceremony, but its beautiful look is also often evoked in Japanese zen garden creation.

They are specially placed under the eaves to receive raindrops quietly and improve the garden soils.

For those who use for Japanese tea ceremony, this is wado for ro season.

Size: φ6-7cm × H6.1cm

Material: Quality Nara sawtooth oak

Approx. 82-87 pieces

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Weight 11000 g
Dimensions 530 x 380 x 330 mm