Washi decorations


Ikazaki is a new generation of Japanese washi creator since 2008.

The founder, Hiroyuki Saito, returned his hometown after 10 years in the IT industry to pursue his dream to revitalize a local declining “analogue” industry, washi making.

Their special gilding washi decorations and “koyori” (paper twisted into threads) wall decorations have received many international awards and praise today.


All products are made-to-order.

They are recommended for indoor use.

Because each piece is made by hand, there will be individual differences.

Original patterns and size can be made upon request, please contact us for more details at info@simply-native.jp





W900 x H1800 x D20(mm) / W1000 x H2400 x D20(mm) / W1300 x H2400 x D20(mm)

A3 / A4 / Custom made


Gilding washi decorations

Gilding is a technique that applies a design to materials such as paper, wood, and cloth using metallic foil. The oxidation and corrosive nature of metals is utilized to create unique, beautiful colorings. The Animas series is inspired by molten animals that are considered as fortune icons.

Art Director / Designer: Yoshiki Uchida


“Utakata” daze (white)

“Utakata” daze (black)

“Tayutau” sway (white)

“Tayutau” sway (black)

“Hoshi-ai” vega (white)

“Hoshi-ai” vega (black)

“Tsure-zure” ennui (white)

“Tsure-zure” ennui (black)

Animas wings (white)

Animas wings (black)

Animas shell (natural)

Animas shell (black)

Animas scale (white)

Animas scale (black)

Animas scale (natural)


The “koyori” wall decorations

Developed to create an interior for enjoying the transition of the four seasons with translucent light and wind, suggesting a light dusting of the first snow of the season. The “koyori” washi decorations provide a soft, semiopaque screen between indoors like Japan’s traditional latticework. Silhouettes made by outside light, as well as expressions created by room lighting, mirror the transition of the four seasons.

Art Director / Designer: Yoshiki Uchida



Contact us for more details at info@simply-native.jp