100% natural plastered wall covering

Soft and gentle air flow in your house with 100% natural materials


Well-balanced 4 different materials will let your house “breathe”.

Diatomaceous earth maintains a comfortable humidity.

Stucco, which absorbs CO2 and hardens, becomes more durable over the years.

Natural zeolites from natural volcanic rocks are effective in adsorbing and decomposing odours and harmful substances such as formaldehyde.

Thermal insulation beads from volcanic ash minerals are very effective as a thermal insulation coating material.

Easy DIY, they are recommended for indoor use.

More information is available upon request, please contact us for more details at info@simply-native.jp



Standard white

Yuzu yellow (01)

Yuzu yellow (02)

Leaf green (01)

Leaf green (02)

Stone gray (01)

Stone gray (02)

Aqua blue (01)

Aqua blue (02)

Sweet orange (01)

Sweet orange (02)

Shell pink (01)

Shell pink (02)


10kg for approx. 6.5m