Tokuda / Treasured woods

The one and only pieces designed by the Mother Nature


Tokuda Meiboku has treasured locally grown quality woods since early-1800.

The current CEO Mr Hiroshi Tokuda is a pioneer in Japanese precious tree industry by breathing new life into those uniquely created spiritual woods.

His philosophy Ichigo-Ichie, meaning “Treasure every encounter, for it will never recur” also applies when he sees trees.

There are no same pieces amongst them.

The treasured wooden objects evoke the sensory beauty of nature.

All products are uniquely shaped and available upon consultation.

They are recommended for indoor use.

Because each piece is uniquely different, enjoy the there is individual differences.

Various trees, sizes and shapes are available, please contact us for more details at



Yoshino Sugi (cedar) / Yoshino Hinoki (cypress) / Others


Yoshino Sugi and Yoshino Hinoki 

Sugi is a Japanese cedar and Hinoki is a Japanese cypress. Both have been traditionally used as a building material for temples and shrines for centuries.

Its distinct forest scent is said to promote deep relaxation and relieve stress.

Tokuda Meiboku’s Sugi and Hinoki trees are grown for centuries in the Yoshino area, where the entire Yoshino mountain is an official World Heritage site for its historical importance as the Holy place.