TAKATA / Fabric decorations


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The tatami edge is a special designed fabric which border the longer sides of tatami mat (Japanese traditional straw mat).

The history of Takata Orimono dates back to 1868.

Having started business as a obi belt (cotton belt) manufacturer for men’s kimono (traditional clothes), Takata has committed to weaving quality and spreading their new creation.

In addition to cotton yarn, the current tatami edge is the only material in the world to combine several kinds of chemical fibers to achieve durability.

Today, the tatami edge is not only served as a visual accent on the floor, it is also used as interior decoration.


All products are made-to-order.

They are recommended for indoor use.

Each piece is assembled by hands of long experienced artisans.

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Most popular 16 are shown. There are 1000 designs in total so please contact us for more details at info@simply-native.jp




W 80mm × D 5m / 10m / more