Sekisyu roofing tiles

The masterpiece to protect your house


Sekishu tiles are known as the king of tiles for durability with the history of more than 400 years.

Artisans use high-quality local clay and fire at a temperature higher than 1200°C, while bricks are fired at 800-900°C, which makes Sekishu Roof Tile very strong, long lasting, and sturdy.

Their tiles are widely used by famous hotels and commercial buildings, including The Ritz-Carlton Tokyo and The Hilton Hotel group.

All products are made-to-order.

They are recommended for outdoor/indoor use.

Because each piece is made by hand and every piece is different.

Original colours and size can be made upon request, please contact us for more details at


Standard colours


(Signiture glossy red brown)

Hon-Kimachi kuro

(Signiture glossy dark red brown)


(Rusty red brown)

Sabi kuro

(Rusty dark red brown)

Variety of other colours are available upon request


W275mm (±3) ×D215mm (±3) / W257mm (±3) ×D197mm (±3)/ Custom made