Orii / Metal decorations

The colours by Orii

“Colouring” is not painting.


It is the art of controlling flame and chemicals on the metals.

Koji Orii, the 3rd generation of Orii is an innovator of colouring copper ware , a local industry in Takaoka with 400 years of history.

Takaoka is a town to integrate advanced casting technology, which developed through the production of chased bronze Buddhist fittings and then in the Meiji period (1868-1912), the work from this area became known abroad at the international World Fair in Paris.

Takaoka produces 90% of total cast bronze products in Japan today, yet the number of total products as well as artisans dramatically dropped in the 1990s when he returned home after working at IT company in Tokyo.

To revitalize local industry, he started own experiment to apply colouring technique on copper panels everyday.

20 years later, his innovation of coloured panels became an iconic item and are widely used worldwide.


All products are made-to-order.

They are recommended for indoor use.

Because each piece is made by hand and every piece is different.

Original patterns and size can be made upon request, please contact us for more details at info@simply-native.jp







Copper red

Copper pink

Brass pink

Copper brown


Antique brass



Antique silver




300mm×300mm / 1000mm×2000mm (maximum) / Custom made