How it works

Bring your creative concepts into reality

1. Talk with us

Please tell us about the ideas you have for what you want to create, the preferred materials to use and where you will use the finished product, as well as other details like the project outline, materials size, total square metres, delivery date, and budget. If you don’t have any specific concept in mind, the team at Simply Native can make some suggestions that are within your budget. We are also able to recommend some architects who are experienced in working with the materials we stock.

Please note that all of these materials are quite rare and not easy to source, which is why we charge a small fee for sending samples of them. Alternatively, you can also see the samples at our Sydney office; please feel free to inquire with us if you would like to arrange an appointment to do this.

2. Get an estimate

We will provide you with the best possible estimate for your project, which takes into account how the materials will be manufactured and transported to meet the delivery date.

3. Finalise a manufacturing contract (Start of the materials-making process)

Once you’ve finalised a contract to start the manufacturing process, the skilled artisans we work with in Japan will carefully create each material to an exceptional level of quality. We’ll also share updates of how the materials-making process is progressing, which we hope will get you excited about receiving the finished products.

4. Delivery and installation

We will deliver the finished materials to your specified location. For the installation, we can also recommend some carpenters and building contractors that are experienced in working with our materials.

All of the materials we offer at Simply Native are hand crafted by Japanese artisans, who start creating them only once a manufacturing contract has been finalised. So unlike mass-produced materials, it’s easy to change the colour or make other minor adjustments to these bespoke materials right up to just before confirming the order, with hardly-any-to-no extra cost or work involved.

Actually, the Japanese artisans we work with are keen to create new and original items that have never been made before. We would love our customers to come up with some interesting ideas for materials and products that will fuel the creativity of these innovative artisans.


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Important notes


All of Simply Native’s merchandise are individually hand made by Japanese artisans, in accordance with the customer’s order. So it takes approximately 2-to-3 months on average for the delivery of an order; that’s why we are unable to accommodate any sudden requests for materials.


Australian Standard materials

All of Simply Native’s merchandise are hand made by artisans in Japan, and so they are not Australian Standard® materials. Although we are confident in the high quality of our merchandise, which we believe are on par with (or even exceed) the level of Australian Standard® materials, unfortunately we are unable to certify their quality in this way.

We recommend that you talk with your architect if you require Australian Standard® materials to be used in your project; it may be possible to have Simply Native’s merchandise tested and certified by the National Association of Testing Authorities, Australia (NATA).