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Welcome message for our showroom

That sense of inspiration you feel in the serendipitous moment when you meet someone special… this is the feeling we hope to evoke when you first encounter one of our products.

Simply Native Japan is dedicated to presenting customers with truly original and inspirational materials that embody a uniquely-Japanese aesthetic. These carefully crafted items represent the genuine beauty achieved in true craftsmanship, which is timeless, borderless, genderless and universal.

The aesthetic sensibility Japan is known for is defined by the sense of unity its people have with the country’s abundant nature, which is nurtured by four distinctive seasons. This blessed natural environment of a nation that is surrounded by the sea has inspired the creation of various versatile and valuable materials over time.

Simply Native Japan is proud to present a special selection of these original and versatile materials in various styles, from traditional to contemporary.​

We hope that in this pop-up showroom, you will find a one-of-a-kind material that speaks to you.

All of the items on display have been meticulously crafted by skilled artisans, who use both new and traditional techniques to create high-quality items of excellence. These materials will surely stimulate all of your senses, and fuel your creativity as you imagine how you can use them in your hotel, restaurant, business, or home.​

The pop-up showroom will also feature original and traditional Japanese ceramics and homewares, as well as wall tiles, metal surfaces, and much more!

Simply Native will also be running online with participating Japanese artisans on the “YouTube Live with Japanese Artisans” channel. We hope that in these sessions, you’ll be able to truly immerse yourself in Japanese craftsmanship.


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