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How the Kizara Project came about


Did you know that 40% of Japan’s forests are man-made? Planting these forests requires continuous management and manual labour, such as thinning, weeding, and pruning, to ensure the trees and other vegetation survive for generations.

There are also many unmanaged forests in Japan due to the increasing distribution of timber sourced from overseas and the decreasing use of domestic timber, which is suited to the Japanese climate.

The shortage of labour in Japan’s forestry industry is also resulting in more abandoned forests. The KIZARA (wooden plate) Project was launched in an effort to address these issues facing the forestry industry.

The KIZARA Project aims to reduce the amount of wasted timber resources by reusing scraps of discarded wood to create everyday items. A share of the proceeds of KIZARA products goes towards forest conservation, so you can help to regenerate forests simply by using KIZARA items!



Made of three layers of thinned cedar, each KIZARA Plate exudes the distinctive warmth of this wood. The plates can be washed and reused many times, making them more environmentally friendly than single-use disposable paper plates.

We’ve been using our KIZARA Plates for more than half a year, and they are still in good shape! Also, these plates are made purely of timber, so you can safely dispose of them without harming the environment.


The environmentally friendly and bio-degradable KIZARA Memo Pad is made from carved-out scraps of natural cypress wood. Each sheet has unique grain patterns on it with both hard and soft sections, which feel different when you write on them.

Why not jot down your daily to-do list, doodle, draw or find other original uses for this innovative memo pad?


The KIZARA Project reuses discarded wooden scraps from Japan’s forestry industry to create these handy items. It connects consumers to the forests, and helps them to contribute to their conservation with each purchase of a KIZARA product.

KIZARA products can be used one time, or repeatedly for even more than half a year if used carefully. The more we reuse discarded items to create something new, the more we can do our bit to conserve the natural environment.

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