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How Kizara project was born

Product Background

40% of Japan’s forests are man-made forests. Planted forests require uninterrupted efforts with human hands at many times, such as thinning, weeding, and pruning for generations.


At the same time, there are many unmanaged forests. This is because overseas timber is distributed, and the use of domestic timber, which is suitable for the Japanese climate, is decreasing.


Furthermore, the forestry industry lacks manpower, leading to an increase in abandoned forests. To make a change in those problems, KIZARA (meaning wooden plate) has started.


By utilizing abandoned wooden parts, KIZARA products reduce wasted resources, with a share of the proceeds going towards forest conservation. That we can enrich the forest environment by simply using KIZARA!



They are made of 3 layers of thinned timber of cedar, which gives the warmth of woods. Since KIZARA can be washed and used repeatedly, they are more environmentally friendly than disposable paper plates that can only be used once.


From our experience, there is no problem if I use it for more than half a year.Also, since it is not painted, it will not harm the environment if it is discarded as it is.


Wood Memo

Memo pad that is naturally made from excess cypress pieces and is environmentally friendly and bio-degradable.


Since the natural wood is carved out and produced, the grain is unique. The wood grain has both hard and soft parts, which changes the writing comfort.


Material that is originally discarded, it is tied to the environment where the more you use it, the more profit you make and the more it is returned to the maintenance cost for the forest.


Originally intended for one-time use, but it can be used repeatedly. It was available for more than half a year.


Originally, it is a material that is supposed to be discarded, so the more we use it, the more we can give back to our Mother Nature.

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