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Introducing Tumi-isi

What is tumi-isi

People who encounter this sophisticated product for the first time will be impressed by its beauty and will have various questions.


Tumi-isi is a wooden polyhedron blocks with organic paints, designed to cultivate a sense of creativity and balance.


Each block is chamfered by a craftsman to have different sizes and shapes, and it is carefully handcrafted.

Who designed tumi-isi?

Daimon Kanno from design office A4. He revealed tumi-isi at International Trade Fair “Ambiente” in 2008 and gained in popularity.


On the other hand, after that, counterfeit products were sold all over the world with similar names such as tsumi-isi and tumi-ishi.


Similar products sold with these slightly different names at overseas online shops are “100% counterfeit products”.


tumi-isi is the real one, made with consideration for the producer and the environment.


A4 says on their website “We think it’s a great honour to be imitated so much, that people around the world love it and tumi-isi creates jobs and happiness for anyone.


Where is tumi-isi made?

It is made in a mountainous beautiful village of Yoshino, NARA.

Every step of the production process, from sourcing the materials to quality checking, is completed in Yoshino district in Nara.


Nara is known as one of the leading producers of excellent timber in Japan. As forests occupy 77% of the area, forestry has been active since ancient times by taking advantage of the rich natural environment.


Excellent trees have been cultivated by their original cultivation method. The representative trees in Nara Prefecture are cedar and cypress.


Although it is produced in various parts of Japan, the Japanese cedar and cypress produced in the Yoshino area are called Yoshino lumber. They are the representative high-quality timber of Japan.


Is tumi-isi for kids?

It is for everyone! It is safe for children as tumi-isi is designed to keep out of children’s mouth and organic paint is used in tableware and is safe if children accidentally swallow.


Challenging how high you can pile up the wooden balancing blocks would be the first idea! The current record is 18 blocks!!


From children to adults, various ways you can enjoy. Even as an interior item, the natural wooden blocks fit any room.


Our past workshops using tumi-isi


In collaboration with Japan Foundation Sydney, we hosted a tumi-isi painting workshop on Thursday, 10 October 2019. We invited our good frieng, Daimon from Japan and had such a fun day together!

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