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3 Simple ways to Grow Moss

Hidden benefits of moss

Recent studies have shown that moss has 15 times more carbon dioxide adsorption capacity than trees! Not only decorating your room or work desk, but it also cleans the air and controls the humidity.


In Japan, moss is included in the national anthems as a symbol of the eternity. Also, moss plays such an important role in the Japanese garden.


Three popular ways to bring moss into your life

1. Masumoss 

MASUMOSS series is a new style of bonsai that combines functional “sunagoke” moss with Japanese Hinoki cypress “masu” container for you to have precious relaxing moments.

The sunagoke moss is self-sustainable with high tolerance to dryness and absorbs carbon dioxide and air pollutants to grow.


2. Terrarium

Terrarium is a decorative miniature garden grown in a glass container. The concept is similar to bonsai as you create a small world inside the space.

When maintaining a moss, it is essential to adjust the sunshine duration, temperature, and watering frequency according to the types of moss.


3. Kokedama (moss ball)

Kokedama is a ball of soil, covered with moss, on which an ornamental plant grows. Wrapped a plant with soil, sphagnum moss sheet and string, kokedama is a living planter as well as a distinctive display piece.

If you look after carefully, it lasts for several seasons. However, kokedama care is a bit tricky… Don’t worry if you only keep it going for a few months, its longevity is longer than cut flowers for sure! Some plants can be planted in the garden afterwards.

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