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The scent healing relaxes you even in your busy life

The scent healing relaxes you even in your busy life. It’s perfect for those who are active every day at work or school and don’t have time to take a deep breath. Incense is one of the most comfortable items to include in your everyday lives. An incense holder is an essential tool for incense that has such a luxury healing effect.

How do we choose incense holders?

There are various types and designs. Not only filling aroma in the air, but a designed incense holder will also add an accent in your space. You might just want to collect more than one like us. Collecting incense holders may become your new hobbies!

It is essential to choose the one which can be used for the type of incense you usually use (stick, cone or spiral), as some incense holders are only suitable for certain incense types.

Today, we will talk about the incense holders, mainly for stick type which is most commonly used in the household.

Varieties of incense holder

There are two main types by shape

  1. Open-air
  2. Veiled (or sheltered)


The most common type. There are a wide variety of products, from small ones that only fix incense sticks to highly designed ones. You can watch the incense stick is slowly getting smaller, but just be careful not to let the incense stick falls or ash fall on the table. Even if the incense stick is not lit, you can enjoy the faint flow of the scent by simply placing with incense sticks.

Things to check

  1. If it is stable to support the incense stick.
  2. If it is big enough so that ash only falls inside. (Or simply put small ceramic plate if it doesn’t.)
  3. Materials and shapes are easy to clean

Our Fuji Incense Holder and incense stand which comes with Kungyokudo incense assortment are categorized as open-air type.


Veiled (or sheltered)

Suitable for use in places that can be affected by direct winds from fans and air conditioner. Since the incense is sheltered by the holder, it is much less affected by the outer environment and is burnt at a constant pace. Also the ash does not scatter. These incense holders also serve as great interior objects when not in use.

Things to check

  • Materials and shapes are easy to clean

If the size and shape of the incense holder fit the length of your incense (Or you can break the incense stick).

Our Mushroom, Oyster and Magma, are veiled type.

Incense holders are an elegant interior decoration piece at your home.

Find a spot to place them and enjoy with your favourite scents.

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