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Creative Japanese stationery

Japanese stationery is having its moment. It is known for its excellent quality and thoughtful design. More so, it also has a playful functionality you’ll be surprised. The development has driven Japanese customers demand and manufacturers respond accordingly, just the same as Japanese crafts.

In Tokyo, there is a “stationery cafe” where you can buy various stationery after you try out with coffee.

Japanese stationery has become popular overseas as a souvenir that is light and easy to take home. Recently, you can see much Japanese stationery at stationery stores. A typical example in recent years is Friction erasable-ink pens by Pilot. That allows you to write, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. Launched in Europe in 2006, the total number of units sold worldwide has exceeded 2 billion!

Simply Native also has sustainably design stationary in its collection.

1. Trinus Flower Pencils

Inspired by traditional Japanese flowers such as sakura cherry blossoms, their pencil shavings spiral down in petal-like shapes. They are made from recyclable paper waste.


2. Wood Memo Pad

A part of Kizara collection. Memo pad always helps you to organize your schedule or to-do list. Naturally made from excess cypress pieces.


These are just a glance at how Japanese stationery goes the extra mile. Try them out and feel the difference!


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