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Creative Japanese Stationery

Japanese stationery is having its moment on the world stage. Known for excellent quality and thoughtful design, it often surprises users with its additional function of play. As with the boom in artisanal Japanese crafts, this development has driven demand and manufacturers have risen to meet this need.

There is a Stationery Cafe in a quaint corner of Tokyo where you get to try various stationery before purchasing it; all while enjoying a hot cup of coffee.

There has been a significant increase in Japanese stationery in stationery stores recently, as Japanese stationery has gained a cult following worldwide as light and convenient souvenirs to bring home from one’s travels. Take for example the Frixion series of erasable-ink pens by Pilot. They allow you to write, erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. Since their launch in Europe in 2006, more than 2 billion pens have been sold around the world!

Simply Native also boasts a range of sustainable stationery in its collection.

1. Trinus Flower Pencils

Drawing inspiration from the quintessential Japanese flower, pencil shavings from these one-of-a-kind pencils spiral down in soft petals reminiscent of the sakura cherry blossom. They have been thoughtfully made from recycled paper.

2. Wood Memo Pad

Part of the Kizara collection, this memo pad helps you to organize your schedule or to-do list. It is made naturally from excess pieces of cypress wood.

This is but a look at the wonderful world of Japanese stationery. Try them out today and feel the difference!


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