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Amazing effects of wind chimes

From ancient times, Japanese people have devised to stay cool even in hot summer. One of them is a wind chime.

Today, we would like to introduce the charm of wind chimes, a Japanese summer tradition.


According to a record, it was believed to be born in ancient China.

Originally wind chime was a tool of fortune-telling. Suspended in a bamboo grove, it was used to tell the fortune by the direction of the wind and how the chime rang.

Wind chime came to Japan with Buddhism and was hung on the temple roof. It was used as an amulet and believed that people living within the hearing range of the chime would not suffer disasters.


There is also a record that aristocrats in the Heian era (794-1185) hung a wind chime at home as an amulet and gradually became popular towards the Edo era (1603-1868).


The material of original wind chime at the time was bronze, and it was large in size. The production of small-sized wind chimes that are commonly seen today started during the Edo period after the glass was introduced from the Netherlands.


But still, one wind chime was worth about 2 to 3 million Japanese yen at the present value (23,000 – 3,3000 AUD)!


Today, wind chimes became much affordable, and it delivers distinctive cooling sounds to many in summer.

How to enjoy wind chimes in your home

Under recent housing conditions, the habit of hanging wind chimes is disappearing due to noise problems with the neighbourhood and the spread of air conditioners.


So, recently, new types of wind chimes have been introduced, such as desktop-style that specialize as interior decorations, and those ones at the entrance as doorbells.


Our charming item, Mawarin, is one of them.

Mawarin in brushed silver


The biggest attraction of wind chimes is the sound. And the sound of wind chimes has amazing power.


However, wind chimes are not just interiors. The biggest attraction of wind chimes is the sound.

And the sound of wind chimes has surprising powers.

Healing effect

Have you ever heard the word “1 / f fluctuation”? It is the sound that those regular and irregular sound together in harmony. When you hear, an alpha wave is evoked in your brain, which allowing relaxation. River murmuring and birds chirping are widely known examples.

And the sounds of a wind chime are also considered as “1 / f fluctuation”.

That is why people feel comfortable when they hear the sounds of wind chimes.

Cooling effect

An interesting experiment proves that hearing the sound of a wind chime causes the body surface temperature to drop by a few degrees (!)

But this phenomenon only happens to those who have the memory to connect the sound of a wind chime and the wind breezing in summer.


If you haven’t tried wind chimes, why not having in your home next summer? Feel the Oriental breeze as a partner to survive the hot summer.

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