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Manekineko brings luck

Maneki Neko, which is said to carry good luck, has long been popular in Japan both as an interior item and as a gift to celebrate the opening of a new store. In this article, we would like to introduce the behind-the-scene stories of Maneki Neko, its effectiveness, and the place to place it.

What is Maneki Neko

Maneki Neko is a famous ornament that is believed to bring prosperity to the owner. Also known as beckoning cat, it welcomes fortune and happiness by a raised hand. Not only appreciated as a lucky charm, but its adorable look has also attracted people for centuries.


No one knows how Maneki Neko has started to be. From those old folk tales, today we would like to introduce the one which is believed the most.

1. The Old Grandma in Asakusa

One poor old grandma lived in the old town of Tokyo. She was left alone in her old age and was forced to sell her pet cat to earn a little money for food.

One night she dreamed of her cat. He spoke to her to make a ceramic figure looks like him and sell at the shrine. The old grandma listened and began to make figures. People liked her figurines, they were quickly dismantled. Thus, the old grandma was able to raise money and provide herself for the remaining years. And those cat figures were become to be known as a lucky charm.

2. Cat as a Guardian of the House

Historically, cats were treated as valuable as they helped to get rid of rats from the house and protect people’s grain. Those where cats settled protected the crops, which led to a successful business.

However, in the early Edo period (1603-1868), there were few cats and it was difficult to keep them. It is believed that Maneki Neko started out with a picture of a cat attached to a store and affixed to a piece of paper.

Which raised hand is better? Right or Left?

There are three types, such as those that raise their right and left hands, or even both. Whichever hand they raise, there is no doubt that they carry good luck.

Raising the right hand is believed to invite money and luck. Our Maneki Neko also raises its right hand.

On the other hand, those raise their left hands are said to invite people.

The meaning of the colours

Our cat is minimal design with clean white colour, colours of Maneki Neko have different benefits. Paint Maneki Neko in the colour that you like.



The most popular colour. White in Maneki Neko means versatile luck and is believed to bring good luck in many ways.


Home Safety

Black cats are often considered unlucky, but black Maneki Neko is believed as an “amulets” and “safety in the house”.




The pink Maneki Neko invites “love fulfilment”. Maneki Neko who raises left hand is the strongest effect as it also invites people.



Red Maneki Neko is believed to bring “forever health ” and “no disease”.

Gold and Yellow


Golden Maneki Neko is said to bring the benefits of “financial fortune”.

Where to place Maneki Neko

The entrance is the best place to maximize the effect of Maneki Neko. Some people also think it should be facing the door as the cat welcomes luck and people. In addition, it is believed you’ll enjoy stronger effect by higher than people. Conversely, placing it in a closed place such as a closet or a shed is believed to reduce the effect.


Maneki Neko is a lucky charm which decorates your home in a various way, why not invite one to your home today?

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