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Incense: New Option for Relaxation

Do you have a favourite relaxation method in your busy days?

Incense that you can enjoy easily is attracting attention because the time you spend at home has increased more than before. The scent is an easy-to-start, fragrance relaxation item.

Effect of Incense

1. Deodorize the odour of the room! Enjoy your favourite scents

The natural scent of the incense has the effect of eliminating the odours of the room. Burn the inscense of your favourite fragrance and keep it in a comfortable space.

2. Stress reduction

Staring at the flickering smoke that is unique to incense will heal your mind. Have a quality night with incense. The charm of incense is that you can boost your favorite scents in short period of time and easily relieve stress at home.

3. Increase your luck

Incense is said to clean negative energy and attract positive energy. It has been used in Japan for a long time in spiritual situations such as amulets.


History of Incense

According to ancient documents, incense was born in BC. It is said to have developed in the Middle East and transmitted to Japan around the 6th century via India and China.

Originally used for religious purposes

According to Nihon shoki, the oldest history book in Japan, it was recorded in 595 that a large fragrant tree arrived on Awaji Island. It is believed those incense were used to exterminate evil spirits in Buddhism.

Widely spread as a hobby among aristocrats

The usage of incense has diversified during the Heian period (). Apparently, the aristocrats of the time used to put their scents in spherical containers and presented to their loved ones.

Samurai also loved incense

During the Kamakura era (), famous samurai warriors were also absorbed in collecting the fragrance. With the development of various incense utensils, the foundation of today’s scent culture was created.

Traditional incense is still popular today

Incense, which is loved by many Japanese people today, has the charm of pure healing to indulge yourself in rich aroma.

Today, there are various types of incense as well as incense burners available.

Each incense of our Kungyokudo collection is made with natural ingredients collected locally in Japan’s old capital Kyoto and blended with traditional methods. They are carefully crafted to fit our lifestyle in the 21st century. 

Incense 101  How to Pick Your Incense for Beginner

1. Choose a type that suits your lifestyle

There are various types such as sticks, cones, and spirals. Sticks and cones burn almost in 30 minutes, while spirals burn for 12 hours. Some incense burner hold particular incense type, so it is better to check as well.

2. Choose your favourite scent

Finding a relaxing scent is essential, but it doesn’t make sense to choose a scent that is too strong or doesn’t suit you, or to feel uncomfortable.

Find your favourite scent to spend a relaxing time both physically and mentally.

Where to Put Incense

Living room

Fill your favourite scents in the living room where you spend a lot of time? We love watching Netflix, relaxing and listening to music with my favorite incense. It creates a great time for you and your family.


Incense helps to heal your day’s fatigue and guide you to a smoother sleep. If you burn stick-type incense half an hour before going to bed, you will feel calm. Set an environment for deep sleep while being wrapped in your favourite scent.


You may want to keep a fresh scent to welcome family and guests at the front door. Choose a scent that gives a good first impression and make your entrance a comfortable space.


We also love burning the incense in a bathroom so you can keep the fresh scent and use it comfortably. It is said that it attracts good luck to burn incense in the bathroom in Japan.

Also, it is also good to use incense to improve your concentration and change your mood in your workspace. Make good use of incense in your place and let us know how you create a relaxing space.

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