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3 Effective Ways to Use Hinoki Oil

What is Hinoki oil?

Hinoki, or Japanese cypress (Chamaecyparis obtusa), is native to Japan and Taiwan. Hinoki oil is the essential oil extracted from this tree. Cypress is considered luxurious construction material and has historically been featured in places like palaces and shrines and even Japanese-style bathrooms. Testifying to its architectural legacy, Hinoki is said to be used in the oldest existing wooden structure in the world, the Horyuji Temple. Hinoki has been known to the Japanese people since antiquity and boasts excellent insect repelling and antiseptic properties. Its scent also soothes and has a healing effect.

Benefits of Hinoki Oil

The main component in the smell of Hinoki is alpha-pinene, the scent of the forest. Functionally, it is antibacterial and repels insects in addition to having calming and stress-relieving properties. The hinoki oil in our collection does not contain any synthetic fragrances or preservatives.

For mind

Hinoki scent gently heals you emotionally. It makes you feel refreshed akin to just after a walk deep into the forest. The soothing aroma of mentally calming substances, phytoncides, help relax your mind and support good sleep.

For body

Surprisingly, Hinoki also promotes good blood circulation. It is effective for swelling, physical fatigue and coldness in the body. Hinoki oil also contains Hinokitiol, a substance that revitalizes the skin.

Effective uses

You can use hinoki oil by inhalation and topical application. Here are some ideas for including Hinoki essential oil in your life.

1. In an aroma diffuser

Place an aroma diffuser in the areas where you want some peace and calmness and simply add in a few drops of essential oil. You can place it by your bed for deep sleep or in your living room for a cozy atmosphere. The woodiness of Hinoki can create a gentle warmth in your home.

2. As a massage oil

Hinoki essential oil can be diluted in an unscented carrier oil such as jojoba or rice bran oil. When applied onto the skin, Hinoki releases tension, stress and anxiety while improving respiratory functions and relieving muscular aches and pains.

3. Hinoki bath

Last but not least, if you are feeling depressed or tired, take a Japanese cypress aromatherapy bath to rejuvenate both body and mind. The scent of Japanese cypress fills your bathroom and promotes relaxation, making it suitable for recovering from fatigue.

For best results, mix hinoki essential oil with a carrier oil and emulsifier to make bath oil. Next, set the temperature of the bath water to 38-40°C and add the bath oil. Close your eyes and take a deep breath. Feel the hinoki scent relax you gently while a day’s fatigue simply melts away. When you are done with your bath, you are all refreshed and ready for the next day!

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