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4 Reasons Why You Should Cook with Cast Iron Cookware

There are various types of cookware, such as most commonly used teflon-coating stainless steel, aluminium and cast iron. You might think that iron cookware is heavy and difficult to wash, but it has many benefits for your health.

Today, we explore the benefits of one of my favorite cooking vessels, the classic cast iron pan and why it is a great cooking companion.

1. Adds iron to your food

If you are iron deficient, cast iron cookware boosts your iron intake! Cooking with cast iron cookware naturally releases iron into your meals, supporting the daily requirements for your body. It can help increase your iron content by as much as 20 times! The recent research has shown that the longer you prepare your meal or cooking with tomato (or other acidic ingredients such as wine source and chilly) will boost iron molecules to come out.

2. High durability

Cast iron cookware has a long life span. Many people still use cast iron pans inherited from their parents or grandparents. The Iwatetsu cast iron collection is also designed by a mother as a gift for her daughter who is marrying out. The more you cook with it, the better (and more seasoned) it gets. Cast iron cookware will age with you.

3. Versatile

This is why cast iron cookware is suitable for your daily use. You can use cast iron cookware for almost any cooking task. Cast iron cookware is a great tool for not only sauteing, but also roasting chicken, braise briskets, and even deep fry potatoes.

4. Heat-resisting properties

Cast iron cookware retains heat. Once a cast iron cookware gets hot, it stay hotter much better than other types of pots. So cast iron cookware is ideal for keeping your food warm while preparing other dishes.

Now that you understand my fanaticism for cast iron, jump to our shop page to explore Iwatetsu cast iron collections to learn more!

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