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4 Reasons Why You Should Cook with Cast Iron Cookware

What type of cookware do you use? Probably the more common teflon-coating, stainless steel or aluminium types. How about cast iron cookware? Although it may seem heavy and difficult to wash, cast iron cookware actually offers many health and other benefits.

Today I’d like to explore with you the many benefits of one of my favourite types of cookware, classic cast iron pots and pans, and why they are great cooking companions.

1. Adds iron to your food

If you are iron deficient, cast iron cookware can help to boost your iron intake by naturally releasing iron into the food being cooked in it. So using cast iron cookware is an easy way to meet your daily iron requirements, and increase your iron uptake by up to 20 times!

2. Highly durable

Cast iron cookware is extremely durable; many people still use cast iron pots and pans inherited from their parents or grandparents.

The Iwatetsu cast iron collection has been designed by a mother as a gift to her daughter, who is getting married. The more you cook with your cast iron pot or pan, the better (and more seasoned) it becomes.

So your cast iron cookware will age gracefully with you.

3. Versatile

You can use a cast iron pot or pan for almost any recipe, such as sauteing, roasting, braising, and even deep frying, making it the perfect everyday cookware.

4. Heat-resistant

Cast iron cookware retains heat. Once cast iron cookware heats up, it stays hot much better than other types of pots and pans; so it is ideal for keeping food warm as you’re preparing other dishes.

Now that you understand how crazy I am about cast iron cookware, please visit the Simply Native online shop and check out The Iwatetsu cast iron collection to learn more!

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