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How to look after Masumoss Sunagoke

MASUMOSS series is a low mainenance, new style of bonsai that combines functional “sunagoke” moss with Hinoki “masu” container for you to have precious relaxing moments.

The sunagoke moss is self-sustainable with high tolerance to dryness and absorbs carbon dioxide and air pollutants to grow.

Where should I place Masumoss?

Anywhere inside your home.

Sunagoke is a type of moss that is superior to lightfastness, you don’t have to find a shady spot.

How often do you need to water?

Just once a week or two with water spray.

Sunagoke survives without water for a couple of water, your holiday is not a problem.

Also, moss in general doesn’t require fertilizer.

What kills sunagoke?


It’s fascinating to see the sunagoke opens up when spraying but hot humid water is fatal.

Does sunagoke grow tall and spread?


The tallest it gets would be 3cm and it doesn’t spread like lawn grasses.

It densely tufts up inside the container or sheet.

It’s getting yellow-ish or brown-ish. What can I do?

The nature of sunagoke which likes sunlight, the original colour of sunagoke is yellowish green.

However, overwatering shall weaken the moss over time and you will notice the change in colour.

If that’s the case, place sunagoke at a well-ventilated shady area to avoid direct sunbeam and spray every day.

It takes time (in human time frame) but sunagoke will revive to green.

Enjoy life with natural air-purifier!

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