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Incense from the ancient capital of Kyoto

Scents have the power to calm you down, create a mood and even evoke memories.

There’s more than one way to fill your home with fragrance. Probably lighting a scented candle is most popular in Australia, and not many are familiar with incense.

Burning some incense might suit your style more?

Here is our handy guide to how you can make enjoy incense.

What is Incense?

Incense is made from a variety of combustible substances that give off a fragrance when burned and it often comes in a form as a stick and moulded figures.

It is often used for global religious rituals: altar prayers for the departed souls in the Catholic Church, the Buddhist temples and Australian Aboriginal ceremonies.

In Japan, incense sticks were introduced from China early in the Edo period (1603-1867) and heavily appreciated during the Buddhist rituals. The subtle smoke from incense is believed to connect us to the other spiritual world and deliver our feelings to the departed loved ones there.

What are Materials?

The materials and scents used to create incense are typically plant-based, most are also used for Chinese herbal medicine. The specific materials in each incense vary depending on the producer.

Why should you choose Incense?

Incense provides a quick boost of fragrance making it the ideal choice when you don’t have a lot of time. Our Kun-gyoku-do incense sticks generally burn for 20 min and the fragrance and scent throw can be quite strong.

Lighting some incense as an accompaniment to a gentle yoga flow is a wonderful way to fill your home and self with a sense of balance, relaxing yourself to finish up a day.

Check out our exclusive Kun-gyoku-do collections from Japan’s oldest incense producer since 1594, over 300 years before the constitution of Australia!

Each incense is made with a natural perfume blend from Kyoto and mixed with new scents to fit the modern lifestyle.


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