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The lightest cast iron cookware

Cast iron pans don’t get any lighter than the beautiful pans created by Iwatetsu Tekki. Established in 1949, this innovative company is situated in Iwate, a prefecture famed for its superior quality iron wares (including ‘nambu cast iron’).

Iwatetsu Tekki combines craftsmanship, industry knowledge and innovation to create high quality cookware for daily use. Their ductile pans and pot are about half the thickness of conventional cast iron ware, making them extremely light and easy to use. Not only that, they’re highly resistant to rust and don’t require frequent oiling – just wash with soap and dry! It’s also compatible with induction cooktops.


The pans have depth, making them suitable for both frying and cooking stews and curry. Those looking to cook at high heat need not worry either, these pans conduct heat evenly. And most importantly, there’s no need to worry about damaging the pan.

The 26-inch ductile pan has a depth of 5cm, holds 2L and weighs only 1.2kg. All of their ductile pans are only 1.6mm thick!

How are these innovative ductile pans made?


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Ductile Skillet A$120

22-in Ductile Pan A$195

26-in Ductile Pan A$240

Ductile Pot A$540

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