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Introducing Yamaguchi Kyujo

Simply Native are proud to have introduced Yamaguchi Kyujo products at Sydney Craft Week. Based in Takaoka – an area renowned for metal castings – Yamaguchi Kyujo have been crafting Buddhist altar items since 1907. The soothing chime of their bells can be heard on train platforms as well!

Images from Yamaguchi Kyujo’s website


An orin is a Buddhist bowl that is rung when reading sutras. Buddhist altars at home also usually feature an orin. In Japan, its sound has been used from olden times to purify places by exorcising evil spirits.

The sound of Yamaguchi Kyujo’s orin is measured at “1/f fluctuation” which induces alpha brain waves that generate a feeling of comfort. Analysis by Japan Acoustic Lab has shown that there is a healing effect in this special sound. (Source)


In recent years, Yamaguchi Kyujo have expanded into lifestyle items to bring the soothing sound of orin into everyday life. In the second video above is the tenorin, a sleek bell which features a low and high tone. Listen carefully to the difference between the silver and the black bell. According to Kyujo’s Managing Director Kotaro Yamaguchi, ringing the bell restores balance and peace of mind during stressful or hectic moments.


Pre-orders for the tenorin and mawarin are available. Please e-mail us at

Tenorin (which roughly translates as ‘hand bell’) is available in polished silver colour and black lacquer for A$120.

Mawarin (which roughly translates as ‘bell that moves in circles’) is available with the flower and plant motif for $145.

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