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Dear customers

Thank you for choosing Simply Native.

All our items are carefully selected for your utmost enjoyment.

Our products get better with age.

You might find the following helpful in keeping your unique finds in the best possible condition.

We hope you enjoy the process as your bespoke creation gains character over time.

Guide to caring for your Simply Native product

1 | Ceramics & Porcelains

2 | Urushi (Japanese natural lacquerware)

3 | Carbon steel scissors

4 | Masumoss

5 | Cast iron pan

We also provide guidance for other products to the best of our knowledge.

For enquiries, please feel free to contact us at

Share your experience!

We love it when our customers tell us our works have brought them joy!

Tag us on Instagram (@simplynativejapan) to share with our Japanese artisans how their creations are loved by people across the Pacific.

Here at Simply Native, it is our pleasure to bridge both culture and experience.

Stay with us on Instagram and e-news.

Thank you once again for your support!

Simply Native team

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