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Dear friends of Simply Native

Hi, I am Yukino, the founder of Simply Native.

It has been four years since my team and I launched Simply Native in 2016, and we are so grateful for all the support we have received in that time.

Once again, I would like to gather my thoughts on the values that Simply Native places great importance on.

As a local small business in Sydney, we aspire embody to the values we believe in and cultivate long-term relationships with our valued customers.

I hope you will spare some time to read this brief description of the values Simply Native holds dear.

Our products are designed to become classics one day.

This is the concept of product selection that we have always valued from the very beginning.

1 | Appreciation of Artistry

Simply Native aims to create an ecosystem of craftwork, which benefits the highly skilled artisans from whom we source our products.

Our items are carefully selected based on understanding and aligning with each artisan’s philosophy and their dedication behind every product. We are a proud supporter of their business.

While not a necessity, hand-crafted items enrich our lives and stimulate our imagination. In a world flooded with low-priced and mass-produced products, it has become difficult for us to truly appreciate the value of handicrafts.

At Simply Native, we want to show our respect to the artisans for their time, efforts and dedication to creating exquisite products that are like works of art.

We are also committed to  cultivating long-term relationships with Simply Native customers who can appreciate the story of each product: how it has been crafted and by whom.

So we share this information on our website and via social media (facebook and instagram).

Occasionally we receive comments that the items are “too expensive” and “easily found at a variety shop.” While we appreciate honest feedback, such comments are also disheartening to not only us, but especially to the artisans who worked so hard to produce these beautiful items.

2 | Pricing

We ensure the items sold at Simply Native are reasonably priced, so as to support the artisans who created them.

Since we directly source these items from the artisans’ studios, we are able to offer the best price to our customers by minimizing the middle margin.

In addition, we put aside 3% of sales from the online shop to use for inviting the artisans we partner with to hold hands-on workshops in Australia. So far, we have been able to invite two artisans to Sydney.

Masahiro Wadayama / works

Daimon Kanno / works

And as our valued customers are located throughout Australia, we are also planning to hold online workshops in the future. So, watch this space!

3 | Fixed Price

We use a single fixed price for each item sold at Simply Native. Apart from damaged items, we do not discount the products.

The reasoning for this is that although the artisans are located 4,000 miles away in Japan, they can easily use the internet to check the selling price of their items sold online at our store.

My father was a craftsman who made kimono (traditional Japanese clothing). One day, my family found one of my father’s unused kimono items on sale at a second-hand shop. I was very sad, as I felt that not only my father’s skill as a craftsman, but also he himself had been denied in a way.

We want to avoid such a situation happening to any of the artisans we work with, which is why at Simply Native we stand by our policy of a single fixed and reasonable price for each item.


Instead of discounting our products, we organise fundraising events as a way of giving back to the local communities that support our business and partner artisans.

Covid-19 charity for Cowra Japanese Garden

4 | Partnership & Communication

At Simply Native, we strive to work closely and amicably with our valued customers and partner artisans.

So we add a personal touch by enclosing a message card in the packages sent to our customers, and we also send photos of the products shared by our customers to the artisans who made them.

This is the favourite part of my work at Simply Native!

Please tell us how you like the products by tagging us @simplynativejapan on Instagram.

5 | Our Network of Artisans

Currently we are partnering with over 80 artisans in Japan, ranging from individuals certified as a national human treasure to mid-sized studios.

We established our Japan office (Simply Native LLC.) in September 2017, in response to the many requests to do so from these partner artisans.

This has enabled us to offer our customers a wider range of items, some of which have never been released outside of Japan.

In addition to our retail business, we also source other items that are not listed on the website, such as interior and exterior materials and commercial-use tableware.

Please contact us about any special item you may be looking for.

I hope you have enjoyed reading about the philosophy and values that Simply Native will always emphasize and hold dear.

We’d love it if you will join us on our journey to bring artisanal products from to Japan to Australia.

Our dream is to set up a Simply Native store in Australia, but it’s not yet time for that dream to be realized.

So for now, we will continue opening a 10-day pop-up shop in Sydney four times a year, as an opportunity for us to communicate directly with our valued customers.

Please check this website for an updated schedule of the pop-up shop opening dates, and come along and say hi.

We are looking forward to meeting you there!


July 2020

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