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Care instructions | Cast iron pan

Before you use

When using it for the first time, please wash it with a mild detergent. There is no need for seasoning.

Avoid using a metal spatula when cooking. We recommend using a wooden spatula or the like as the coating will come off if the metal cooking utensil is strongly rubbed.

After using, simply washing with detergent and dry. No need to oil it got maintenance.

What if I overburn a pan?

Scrub with a scrubbing brush (metal one cannot be used) and wash it off.

If the coating comes off, will it rust?

Even if the surface coating comes off, the surface of the lower casting itself is treated so as not to rust.

Is it okay to keep the foods after cooking?

Please take out the foods after cooking.

Is it okay to use the empty water heater?

Avoid long-time boiling because it may deform the pot.

Can I cook without water?


However, please add a small amount of water when cooking low-moisture ingredients such as root vegetables.

Can I use the oven?


The Ductile pot does not use any material other than cast iron, so you can use it with confidence.

Can I use it on an open flame such as a bonfire?


You can wash with scrubbing even if it becomes dirty.

Also see our journal 4 reasons why you should cook with cast iron pan.

Enjoy cooking!

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